Michael Wendler: Is Laura Müller called Norberg after the wedding?

Laura Müller (19) will soon be called Laura Norberg – at least that's what she obviously wants. As Michael Wendler's (47) betrothed in the current TVNOW documentary "Der Wendler and Laura – is getting married", she would like to be called her husband in the future. And it gets complicated: Michael Wendler is actually called Michael Norberg, he once adopted the name of his ex-wife Claudia Norberg (49) at the wedding.

Wendler already said that he wanted to continue to be called the same name as his daughter Adeline Norberg. That leaves only the solution described above: Laura Müller takes the surname Norberg. But Wendler's ex-wife obviously has something against it: In an open letter, she asked Michael and Laura not to accept the common surname Norberg. But this goes too far for Wendler: He already noted that his ex-wife should not interfere.