Michael Wendler: Oha! Here he announces great news

Stars fly, cars jet, men cruise. There are also dramatic orchestral tones. No, we're not talking about the trailer for a new science fiction film. In a current video, Michael Wendler takes us into strange worlds, oh, what do we say, into a new galaxy. And this announcement could hardly be more dramatic.

What does the Wendler have to announce? Will he emigrate? Start the journey to the stars? Will Laura Müller become a film star now? No, no and double no: this time it's all about Michael Wendler. And he releases a new album.

Michael Wendler: "The King is Back"

"A masterpiece 20 # 20" writes Wendler in the video and emphasizes: "We were 'we are we remain indestructible". For once, there is nothing to be seen of his girlfriend Laura Müller. Instead, there is a double dose of Michael Wendler, who poses in the blazing sun at the wheel in skin-tight T-shirts.

What will the album be about musically? That is not apparent. Well, everyone has their own way of preaching things. And one thing you have to give Wendler: he has fans. They prove loyalty again under the video and comment with joy.

Of course, the critics are not long in coming either: "It won't get any more dramatic today," writes one follower, while others are already happy about "eating for Oliver Pocher". The comedian is currently having fun teasing Michael Wendler with his parodies.

This is Michael Wendler – facts and figures

  • Michael Wendler (real name: Michael Norberg) was born on June 22, 1972 in Dinslaken

  • The most famous songs by the pop singer are "She loves the DJ" and "Nina"

  • In 2014 "Der Wendler" took part in the RTL show "Ich bin ein Star – Get me out of here" and in "Promi Big Brother".

  • He lives with his partner Laura Müller in Florida.

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