Michael Wendler: regrets about the RTL attack

In his second appearance on "Pocher – dangerously honest!", Manager Markus Krampe tells how he is trying to save what can still be saved behind the scenes. Michael Wendler has now apparently admitted that the attack on RTL was a mistake.

The pop singer's manager said: "Yes, I have the impression that he regrets many things. Michael Wendler understood that the attack on RTL was a big mistake. That cannot be excused. He admitted that. But the theses not ”, continues Krampe.“ The ball is with him. I expect something to come from him ”, says Michael Wendler's manager, 49." He now has to have the things himself and say that he did something wrong. "

It's Michael Wendler's turn, thinks Michael Krampe

In the live show, Markus Krampe also reveals that he tried to travel to the USA to have a personal conversation with the pop singer – also to better understand his reasons. But due to the current entry regulations in the wake of the corona virus, this was not possible. Instead, numerous phone calls followed. "We are in contact all week long," he clarified in an interview with Olliver Pocher, 42, and his wife Amira, 28.

“I do believe that a few things are not as they should be,” said Krampe.

Krampe was shocked by the numerous death threats he received via social media. "There are both anonymous and real people there who were really so angry with me that I didn't have my back on Michael. It was really crazy what was beating down on me," he explains. Among other things, he received photos with crosshairs.

Source: VIP.de, Promiflash.de

This article originally appeared on Gala.de.