Michael Wendler: This is how ex-manager Markus Krampe sees his future

Markus Krampe has ended the collaboration with Michael Wendler. The manager gives further details on "Sat.1 breakfast television".

In an Instagram video, manager Markus Krampe (44) announced a few days ago that he had ended his collaboration with pop singer Michael Wendler (48, "does not matter"). In the "Sat.1 breakfast television" on Tuesday the 44-year-old now followed suit and stated that the last five weeks had been "the most stressful time" of his managerial career. The collaboration with the Wendler was "always exhausting". The pop singer is "an artist through and through", who always wants "maximum success" and has always been "a lone fighter". You can tell that he "was never a team athlete and never in a clique before".

But Wendler has recently changed. 90 percent of the talks only revolved around Corona and political issues such as the US election. "You couldn't broach any other topic at all. He's completely like a different person," said Krampe. He had the impression that a world had collapsed for the singer since it was not Donald Trump, but Joe Biden, who was chosen as the winner in America. "He always said that if Trump is elected, the pandemic will end in America. Then we will all look up. (…) Everything will collapse in Europe," Krampe recalled.

"We're talking about 4-5 million euros here"

Wendler's exit from the jury on "DSDS" and his escape to the USA entail major financial losses, including for his wife Laura Müller (20). "She (Laura, editor's note) has lost all partner programs, everything that was in the pipeline. From here to now everything is gone. That is unimaginable. We're talking about 4-5 this year and next Millions of euros that will be lost for both of them, "continued Krampe.

"It is well known that he came to America with almost 1.5 million debts." His goal was for Michael Wendler to have paid his debts by the end of this year. "That almost worked." Krampe also said about the singer: "Michael Wendler always has a bit of megalomania, that is, money, coal, gold, pomp and show."

"They live in a bubble"

For Krampe, Wendler was sick, he had already seen it on the show "Pocher – dangerously honest!" voiced. At first the singer was "beside himself" because of this. When he watched the whole program with Laura, they cried for two hours. Wendler told him that he "explained it relatively well". However, Krampe holds back with a specific diagnosis.

In the matter of Corona, however, Wendler "does not accept any arguments". Which is also difficult for wife Laura. "They live in a bubble. There is no big environment," said Krampe. It is difficult if you do not get any further information from outside, he takes the singer's 20-year-old wife under protection. "They love each other, you wish everyone that. I also hope that it will last for a long time, even if times are going to be difficult for both of them now." And I wish them that "not much bigger problems" arise.

About a renewed collaboration with Wendler in the future, Krampe said: "You should never say never." But he thinks that was it.