Michaël Youn: this real separation which inspired him "Divorce Club": Femme Actuelle Le MAG

While the promotion of Divorce Club was arrested because of the confinement, Michaël Youn was finally able to hit the road to talk about his film. This film in which the humorist Arnaud Ducret discovers his wife's infidelity in the office, will be released on July 14, 2020. Tuesday June 30, 2020, the former host of Morning live was on the show's set I love you etc. presented Daphné Bürki on France 2. He explained where his inspiration came from: "It happened to me in my life so I wanted to get out of this story with laughter. Simply. The separations are so shabby … We get so filthy … Well, sometimes. I think there are people, intelligent couples who manage to separate well … ", he revealed.

This film as therapy

But while a silence invaded the set, Michaël Youn tried to lighten the mood: "I really liked this little silence! "As a reminder, Michaël Youn had revealed in C to you, on June 25, 2020, having experienced a profoundly significant event: "I discovered on the cover of a celebrity magazine that my wife was cheating on me. It's almost worse than in a ceremony with a microphone. I didn't know it, I discovered it in the magazine ", he explained. Realizing Divorce Club, Michaël Youn tries to go ahead and forget the mistakes of the past: "Making a movie about it, being able to come out on top of that story, it was cool ", he told Daphne Bürki on June 30, 2020.

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