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"You never know about a misunderstanding, it can pass …" A misunderstanding that quickly dissipated for the brilliant troupe of Splendid, to whom we owe some of the greatest popular successes in French cinema. This group of friends, made up of Christian Clavier, Thierry Lhermitte, Gérard Jugnot, Marie-Anne Chazel, Josiane Balasko and Michel Blanc, will also receive a "César anniversary "at the next ceremony to be held on March 12, 2021 at the Olympia. The Bronzed and its sequel The Bronzés go skiing, as Santa Clause is garbage, are indeed part of the French heritage and let themselves be re-kept each time with pleasure. And if these comedies have become cult, it is largely for his gallery of characters all more wacky than the other with at the top of the list the earthy Jean-Claude Dusse. A clumsy bachelor character who sticks to Michel Blanc's skin and that the actor is far from denying.

He owes everything to Woody Allen

Invited by Michel Denisot on Europe 1, Saturday March 6, 2021, to retrace his career, the Caesarized actor returned on the birth of this endearing loser who dreams of an irresistible Don Juan. And one of his sources of inspiration was Woody Allen, of whom he is a big fan. "When I saw Woody Allen's first movie, we were still just starting out. I was like, 'but there you go, this is where I can go.'", said the one who didn't think he was funny at the time. "I don't compare myself to him, but it's that form of neurotic humor that I can go to and it's characters like that that will allow me to communicate with the audience." Michel Blanc therefore put himself in the shoes of Jean-Claude Dusse, except that he ended up concluding as judicious choices allowed him to obtain deserved recognition from the field. "I would never say that I'm fed up with either Bronzés or Jean-Claude Dusse. It is not a ball. Jean-Claude Dusse was my propellant, my take-off rocket, " he acknowledged on the air. Dusse with a D like crazy.

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