Michel Cordes (Plus belle la vie) as a couple: first revelations about his new companion

The end of More beautiful life unfortunately fast approaching. It is on November 18, 2022 that France 3 will broadcast the last episode. In the meantime, the actors are enjoying their last moments on set. Michael Cordes, the interpreter of Roland Marci, was back before the final. On this occasion, he confided in our colleagues from Parisian.

His character will die during the October 3 episode, a disastrous end to which the soon-to-be 77-year-old actor returned. Michel Cordes also returned to the stoppage of the soap opera, a decision he did not expect as he confided to the Parisian : “I think it’s a shame to delete this series. It is a unique event on French television: this duration, this intensity on the public and audience side…“The adventure is now over for him, the one who lent his features to the character of Roland Marci will be able to devote himself to other more personal projects.

Michel Cordes no longer advances alone in life. He indeed revealed that he had found love recently: “I just met my girlfriend, just retired. So, we say to ourselves that we will benefit. Unless someone offers me an interesting theater project…“He could also see himself writing a play, but what he would like the most would be to get back to sculpting.”Often, on returning from More beautiful life, I was relaxing doing woodcarving. When I return to my studio, the king is not my cousin. With a piece of wood and an idea, I’m fine. We start by working with a chainsaw, then with a gouge – it’s like rounded wood chisels – more and more delicately. The woman’s body is a beauty; sculpting it, a pleasure“, did he declare.

But whatever happens, Michel Cordes will never forget his time in More beautiful life. An adventure that he started in 2004 and which allowed him to have a “certain non-negligible material stability“.”It remains one of the great adventures of my profession. I had three: a troupe where I was an actor, which became the dramatic center of Lorraine, a festival that I created in Paris where I was an author and director for six years, and Plus belle la life. Each time, it was a different relationship with the public, a different action. It’s a beautiful road“, he concluded.

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