Michel Cymes called in reinforcement to the hospital for an unexpected mission: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday March 25, 2020 a "massive investment plan" for the hospital. In the midst of a health crisis due to the growing coronavirus epidemic, the Head of State called on the army for reinforcement and launched the "Resilience" operation. This operation "will be entirely devoted to aid and support to populations, as well as support to public services to face the epidemic "explained the president. The Ministry of Health has also launched a call for volunteers among health professionals to help in hospitals. This is the case of Michel Cymes, media doctor present on the set of C to you the evening of these announcements.

Michel Cymes mobilized as a nurse

"This afternoon I received an email asking myself if I was a volunteer … but not to go as a doctor to the emergency department, to do nursing care within the departments in which the nurses were exhausted ", explained Michel Cymes, surprised by the mission that was offered to him. "It, I find it extraordinary, I will do it, of course (…), and we are not going to arrive as doctors with nurses who will help us, no, we will be doing the nurse, (…) we will put ourselves at the level of what is expected of us, and we are expected to relieve the nurses ", he said. Since the coronavirus epidemic hit France, all Michel Cymes consultations have been canceled, "For safety reasons". The doctor will now be able to lend a hand.


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