Michel Cymes does his mea culpa on Covid-19: "I understood the lesson": Current Woman The MAG

Michel Cymes was the guest of Jade and Eric Dussart on the show We Redo The TV! broadcast on RTL on Saturday March 6, 2021. He returned to several controversies, and in particular on an expression attributed to him: the famous "grippette" to designate the coronavirus. "You used the word grippette, but not in that sense?"asked the presenter."I said 'We can't say it's a fluke' and after it's gone, the shit fan turns on", replied the favorite doctor of the French. According to the host of France 2, these rumors which distorted his words would have started"certain political circles". He says that now he will stay away from the government : "I made a big mistake: it was to attack the policies. I am a bit loudmouthed and a bit impulsive (…) I was not at all aware of the effectiveness of political networks and short networks, what policies can set in motion to make social media tear you down. I attacked people who are much stronger than me in this area and I shouldn't have", admitted the presenter ofAntidote.

Covid-19: these comments on the mask that Michel Cymes regrets

According to him, these are the "extreme" who are responsible for these rumors: "These rumors came from a certain political background, especially from the extreme right, not only from the right to the right, but I had the same problems with the extreme left. My political opinions only concern me, but I cannot stand extremes, and one day I had words about Mélenchon, (…) I had taken it all in the face from the far left", he recounts. Today, he understood where his place was : "It’s not my role, listeners, viewers, ask me to do medicine, not politics, I understood the lesson", concluded the doctor. During the show, Michel Cymes also mentioned his regrets following some of his comments on Covid-19 at the start of the epidemic. Especially when he said, or let it be said, that the mask in the street was useless in March 2020. He himself did not believe it then. "Sometimes, I did not live up to what was expected of me. I said things contrary to what I myself thought, I took a step back from all that ", he admitted.

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