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In his column “It’s going much better” on RTL radio, Michel Cymes gives several tips to anticipate insomnia and get back to sleep quickly.

Do you have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night and never being able to fall asleep again? You undoubtedly suffer from insomnia. One in five French people is also affected by this sleep disorder chronically, according to LCI. There are many reasons for these nocturnal awakenings, but the health impacts are not to be taken lightly. Indeed, quality sleep is one of the keys to our well-being. To remedy insomnia and in particular to anticipate it, there are several exercises and routines to put into practice, according to Michel Cymes. In his daily column on RTL, titled It is going much better, the doctor thus gives various advices to succeed in falling back asleep quickly in the event of insomnia.

The first thing to know if you wake up in the middle of the night: you must absolutely avoid watching television or listening to the radio. “The light from the screens wakes you up completely and the radio keeps the brain alert”, explains Michel Cymes. If you can’t fall back to sleep because your brain is looping over a personal or work issue, focus on your breathing and heart rate, the RTL article says. You can also get up and drink a glass of water. If it takes a little while to get back to sleep, don’t worry, it’s normal. Give yourself about twenty minutes.

Choose a large bed

To prevent and reduce the risk of nocturnal awakenings, especially when you are in a relationship, it is very important to each have enough space in bed, so as not to be woken up by the movements of their partner, adds the doctor. In short, buy a large bed! According to the sleep center, a 160 cm wide mattress increases deep sleep by 15% and decreases nocturnal awakenings by 25% compared to a 140 cm bed. If you prefer to get out of bed an hour or two before your alarm clock rings, at the time of your insomnia, there too, there are a few rules to follow. Take ten minutes to relax, listen to soft music or read a little, advises Michel Cymes. Spend this time outside of bed and in a room with dim light.

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