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Faced with the coronavirus, this great hypochondriac found his salvation in his house in the south of France, in Eygalières, in the Bouches-du-Rhône. He was confined there as a family, in the company of his wife, his adopted daughter Stéfanie and his granddaughter Rebecca. And, no question of laze around while others toil! The famous presenter of Strongly Sunday! entrusted to Cyril Hanouna, in his renamed program Tonight at Baba’s, having created a real sewing workshop in his home. “With my granddaughter, after her day of teleworking, outside of her working hours, we make masks. There was a tissue collection in the village. We made masks, the elastics are not yet installed ”, he revealed.

Jacques, his brother, alerted him to the dangerousness of the covid-19

But that's not all! If he makes protective masks every day for traders and the inhabitants of his village and surrounding municipalities, Michel Drucker also regularly sends personalized videos to more than 7,000 retirement homes in France. "I'm the oldest on TV, so I think it's normal for me to speak to the elders"he explained to the microphone ofEurope1. Because the PAF icon is aware of how lucky he was to have been able to find shelter. "We are privileged" he said in an interview with our colleagues from Provence. In this same interview, he confirms that he was alerted at the start of the crisis by his brother, Jacques, a prominent medical epidemiologist. "He told me that the situation was serious and that the obligation to stay at home would last more than a fortnight. That it was a race against the clock to find the vaccine and that you had to be extremely careful. " said the host. Thanks to this warning, Michel Drucker and Dany Saval were able to leave Paris just before the entry into force of the containment measures.

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