Michel Drucker leaves France 2, but not television

Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri

The unsinkable and very popular TV presenter Michel Drucker will no longer host Sunday afternoons on France 2 with his show on the mythical red sofa “Vivement dimanche”. From the start of the media season in September 2022, the TV host with a 58-year career is leaving the public channel.

Can’t wait for Sunday change the channel. The France 2 program will now be broadcast on France 3 from the start of the media season in September 2022. The program with the mythical red sofa will have a new schedule, from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. Michel Drucker announced this double change in an interview with Parisian-Today in France. The very popular TV presenter, whose career began 58 years ago, also explains that he wants to give more space to humor in his show.

New Can’t wait for Sunday and Olympics

To do this, Michel Drucker will surround himself with young (but already big) names in French humor: Paul Mirabel, Laura Felpin and Maxime Gasteuil, in particular. The host will also receive more actors from France Télévisions series and promises a program that is more regionally oriented. Logical, when we are on France 3.

Once a month, the new version of Can’t wait for Sunday will pay tribute to great artists who have passed away. Bourvil will be the first of them to receive this honor.

In his interview at Parisian-Today in France, Michel Drucker also presents his future projects with France Télévisions. He explains that he dreams of a program during the Paris Olympics in 2024. A program that he imagines as a “gaming club, a daily late-night talk show”, with artists passionate about sport as guests. Michel Drucker also specifies that the management of France Télévisions very much wants him to participate in the media coverage of these Olympic Games.

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