Michel Polnareff: rare photos of his son Louka unveiled for his 12th birthday

On the occasion of Louka’s 12th birthday, Michel Polnareff’s companion shared some photos of this beautiful family on Instagram. Thus, internet users had the great joy of being able to discover the young boy.

If Michel Polnareff makes it a point of honor to protect his private life, his partner, Danyellah, left his nature reserve for a very special occasion: the 12 years of their son, Louka. “My love. One fine day, unheard-of happiness arrived. That day you arrived, you were born. I have become rich with a marvelous treasure. You are my angel, and my pride!“, said Danyellah in caption ofa montage of several photos of the young boy in an Instagram post. “I watch you when you sleep, when you laugh and when you are sad too. You are my beloved son, and know that I will always be there to love you, protect you and guide you. Happy XII“. A message and photos that were very popular with fans of Michel Polnareff’s companion.

He is magnificent“, “What a nice montage”, “We love you“, “Let time pass“, “Very handsome boy“, can we read among the comments. It was on December 28, 2022 that the young Louka celebrated his twelfth birthday. Since his birth, he has been very discreet and is only very rarely put forward by his parents. It was in 2003 that Danyellah’s gaze crossed that of Michel Polnareff when she was a journalism student in Los Angeles. Immediately, it was love at first sight between the two of them. They then decided to get into a relationship and young woman will become pregnant in 2010. If he was very happy, their happiness will only be short-lived.

Michel Polnareff adopted Louka in 2016

A DNA test will reveal a few months later that the artist is not Louka’s biological father. After a short separation, the two lovers meet again and Michel Polnareff decides to adopt Louka in 2016. Today, the little family seems to be happier than ever and supportive. Moreover, Louka and his mother are behind the singer who returns to the front of the stage.

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