Michel Polnareff very close to Orelsan and Stromae: secrets about an incredible friendship!

Michel Polnareff is back on stage in a most original project: “Polnarêves”. The opportunity for the singer to greet in the columns of the “Parisien” other artists always seeking to innovate like Orelsan and Stromae, with whom he has become friends.

Marked by the pandemicMichel Polnareff returns peacefully to the spotlight with “Pollarêves”an immersive and dreamlike experience that will allow viewers to “to return” in the head of the singer, as he indicated in an interview with the Parisian Monday January 24. The interpreter of Goodbye Marylou thus hailed a new eraas also shown by his admiration for the current French-speaking scene in the image Clara Lucianiof Hoshi or evenOrelsan with whom helike to talk, as he pointed out. When rap meets French variety, the discussions are certainly exciting.

Michel Polnareff innovated in the staging, just like Stromae and his memorable performance on the TF1 newscast on the evening of January 9. The man with dark glasses has also given the details of his amazing friendship with the Belgian singer : “He is a great artist and awesome, adorable guy, a cream. We spent great evenings in Brussels, when I started recording ‘Enfin!’.” And to continue:We are always in touch, we have a little joke between us. As his name is Paul, when I call him, I tell him: hello, it’s the other Pol.

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Fans from all walks of life

The success of Stromae and Orlesan is not the prerogative of the younger generation. As proof, the Norman rapper counts among his admirers highly placed personalities like the President of the Republic, just that ! In a paper published by Release last December, Emmanuel Macron thus applauded the interpreter of The smell of gasoline for his impactful and up-to-date texts: “It’s well seen. It’s still someone who portrays society as a sociologist.

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