Michel Sardou angry with Johnny: the singer ensures that his joke on Jade “was not racist”: Current Woman The MAG

Johnny Hallyday and Michel Sardou were the best friends in the world. However, in 2004, during a concert in Brussels, the interpreter of I will love you had made a remark that the favorite rocker of the French has never forgotten. “Now that he has a chalet in Gstaad, Hallyday will be able to put his Vietcong (Jade Hallyday, editor’s note) on skis“, launched Michel Sardou. Ten years later, the anger of Johnny Hallyday remained intact. In his autobiography, the dad of Jade and Joy had confided how much he had been disappointed by his long-time friend:”I think we all experience the image we convey. One day, it becomes so intimately involved with our truth that we can no longer separate them. I think that was the case for Sardou, by dint of passing for an old jerk, he has become so.

Sunday May 2, 2021, Michel Sardou is the guest of Audrey Crespo-Mara, in the show Seven to Eight, broadcast on TF1. The opportunity for the artist to give his version of the story that forever shattered his friendship with Johnny Hallyday. “We were two brothers, for years and years. And then we got angry. Finally… he got angry. (…) Because of me, I recognize him. I was very clumsy”, Admitted the actor of 74 years.

A broken friendship

Michel Sardou remembers having “improvise on stage who wanted to be mocking”. “I said : ‘It’s going to be difficult to put them on skis’. Because he had just bought a chalet in Switzerland. ” If he recognizes that his number was “neither funny nor mean”, Michel Sardou confirms that Johnny Hallyday “took it very badly”. If the joke was impossible to forgive for Laeticia Hallyday’s husband, it is because it was considered racist. “No, it has nothing to do with racism. He had thought it was mean to his daughters, that I made fun of his daughters he adored. But there was no racism in it, even in my improvisation, it was not at all racist. Unfortunately, the two friends will never be able to renew the bonds they once had.

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