“Michel Sardou is France”: a controversy launched by Juliette Armanet divides the political class

Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Gauthier Delomez / Photo credits: AFP

Singer Juliette Armanet has accused Michel Sardou’s track, “Les Lacs du Connemara”, of being “sectarian” and “right-wing”. Words that immediately reacted on social networks, and in particular political figures who wanted to support the singer or not.

This is a somewhat unexpected controversy launched by singer Juliette Armanet this weekend. The author of Last day of disco or of Lonely Love attacked Michel Sardou and his tube Connemara Lakes. The artist has indeed denounced the scout and sectarian side of the music, which she ends up qualifying as a “right-wing title”.

Immediate outcry on the right, mixed reactions on the left

The words of the Lille artist have been widely commented on social networks and they divide the political class because it is a symbol of the divisions that run through society. On the right, the outcry was almost immediate. “Michel Sardou is simply France”, writes Éric Ciotti. “The idol of many generations. A singer with a strong character and who assumes himself. Difficult to swallow for the well-meaning”, adds the president of the Republicans.

On the left, on the other hand, the reactions are less clear-cut, and there are some supporters of Juliette Armanet’s statements. Aurélien Taché, MP for Val d’Oise, says: “I come from the working classes, like my parents, and we never liked Sardou. On the other hand, I like Juliette Armanet a lot and even more freedom of expression. “.

When Karl Olive interprets the titles of the two artists

On the side of the deputies of the majority, the classic “at the same time” is in order. He is embodied by Karl Olive, elected Renaissance in the Yvelines, who wanted to pay tribute to the two artists by performing one of their songs himself. “I’ve been an absolute fan of Michel Sardou since I was a kid,” he says, refusing to oppose him to Juliette Armanet, whom he also saw in concert.

The majority deputy concludes his tweet with this sentence: “Juliette was wrong. Who is not mistaken? Michel is a great, a very great, one of the greatest”.

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