Michel Sardou: the musical inspired by his songs postponed because of the announcements of Jean Castex

Wednesday, December 29, Roberto Ciurleo, the producer of I will love you, announced the postponement of several dates of the musical inspired by the songs of Michel Sardou following the latest government announcements.

Cancellations and postponements follow one another. Jean Castex spoke on Monday, December 27 to announce new measures to stem the fifth wave of Covid-19 and the progression of the Omicron variant. The Prime Minister announced, among other things, the return of the gauges for shows and concerts, set at 2,000 spectators maximum for indoor shows and 5,000 outside spectators, as well as the ban on standing concerts. A blow to the world of entertainment and music denounced by many artists who deplore in particular that the same rules are not applied for political meetings. Julien Doré, Eddy de Pretto or even Hoshi denounced the injustice of these measures aimed only at concerts and shows with humor, joking about their candidacy for the presidential election to transform their concerts into a meeting. Benjamin Biolay, forced to cancel four concerts scheduled for the beginning of the year, was not amused by the situation: “I am as distraught as you are. I would have made the joke on the meetings but the heart is not there, he wrote on Instagram.

“It is not possible to cancel the attendance of more than 6000 spectators in an arbitrary way”

Wednesday, December 29, is the producer of the musical I will love you Roberto Ciurleo who announced the postponement of several dates of the show created around the songs of Michel sardou. This is not a biopic on the singer, but a “French Mamma Mia” which traces the history of France over four decades the greatest hits of the interpreter of Connemara Lakes. A musical approved by Michel Sardou himself (even if he does not participate in the show being retired since April 2018) that the spectators will not discover immediately. “Following government decisions, we are forced to postpone our three January performances in Bordeaux, Pau and Limoges, because it is not possible to cancel the attendance of more than 6000 spectators in an arbitrary fashion. Indeed, more than 12,000 people had bought their seats “, said Roberto Ciurleo. New dates have already been chosen: I will love you will be played in Limoges on April 29, 2022, in Pau on May 3, 2022 and in Bordeaux on May 2, 2022.

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