Michelle Hunziker confirms marriage with Tomaso: “Our separation will remain a private path.”


Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi have been speculating for a long time about a love break, now the couple has confirmed their separation.

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Have definitely separated: Michelle Hunziker (44) and Tomaso Trussardi (38).


Rumors of a relationship ending have been around for a long time.  Friends of the couple confirmed the speculation about

Rumors of a relationship ending have been around for a long time. Friends of the couple confirmed the speculation about “Diva e Donna” and “Bild” days ago.


In Bergamo, the couple solemnly said yes in 2014.

In Bergamo, the couple solemnly said yes in 2014.

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  • Michelle Hunziker (44) and Tomaso Trussardi (38) have been married since 2014.

  • The couple have not been seen together for a long time. Friends of the couple fueled rumors of separation.

  • The parents of two have now confirmed their separation.

  • “After ten years together, we have decided to change our life plan,” the two write in a statement.

  • The Swiss did not want to comment on 20 minutes.

Italian media have been speculating for some time about the lost love of presenter Michelle Hunziker (44) and fashion entrepreneur Tomaso Trussardi (38). Now it’s official: the marriage of the two is broken. “After ten years together, we have decided to change our life plans,” the two wrote in a joint statement to the Italian news agency Ansa.

“We are committed to continuing the path of growth of our beautiful children with love and friendship. Our separation will remain a common and private path. To respect our family’s privacy, we will not be making any further comments.” A request of 20 minutes was responded to accordingly without comment. Both do not give reasons for the end. Both signed the statement from the news agency.

Friends reveal reason for separation

A few days ago, friends of the couple told the Italian magazine “Diva e Donna” and revealed: “The two have not lived together since November. She lives with the girls in Milan while he continues to live at the Bergamo estate.” A colleague from the Italian TV channel Canale 5 also confirmed to “Bild” a few days ago: “Michelle and Tomaso have been separated for a few weeks. The marriage-off is an open secret in the station. We know, but stand by Michelle.”

Since both have not yet commented on the reasons for the separation, speculation continues: According to the German newspaper, Hunziker has broken up with Trussardi. «Michelle realized that Tomaso is a rich mama’s boy. He has become too boring for her, »says an acquaintance of the presenter. Her husband has become “sluggish” over the years, preferring to take care of his fashion empire instead of the love they share.

Michelle needs space to herself

The crisis between the two seems to have lasted longer. The last joint pictures are from the summer of 2021. And already during the recording of “Wetten, dass…?” ZDF employees noticed that the otherwise beaming TV woman was annoyed when she talked about her husband. Hunziker also revealed to the “Caminada” magazine that everything didn’t always go smoothly in her marriage: “We often discuss and argue a lot,” she says. “We know each other and know what is important to each other. There are no idyllic couples, everyone gets into trouble at their time, »clarified the 44-year-old. She also emphasized that her private happiness and a functioning family life had top priority – which afterwards sounds like last rescue attempts.

But in the New Year’s interview with the magazine “Chi”, everything seemed less hopeful: “I want to do something good for myself and find space and time for myself. I have to stop obsessing over everyone.” She continues: “I started taking my own space, going away for a few hours or a weekend. With my mother, with friends, with Auri, to take my life back without taking anything away from the people I love, but just to give myself more space. »

Her second marriage fails

Tomaso Trussardi is Michelle Hunziker’s second husband. The two got married in 2014. The wedding was widely celebrated in the international press and on television. The two daughters Sole (8) and Celeste (6) emerged from the relationship. For Tomaso, however, it is the first marriage.

The native of Bern met and fell in love with the Italian pop star Eros Ramazzotti (58) in 1996. They married in April 1998 and separated in 2002. The actress has a grown-up daughter with him: Aurora Hunziker-Ramazzotti (25).

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