Michelle Obama: Big hype about her necklace

Not only her speech was convincing: A chain that Michelle Obama showed during her speech for the Democratic Party conference is now in demand.

"Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as if our lives depended on it": Former First Lady Michelle Obama (56) sent a clear message at the US Democratic Party conference, not just through her speech. An accessory that she showed at the previously recorded speech also caught the audience's attention: Obama wore a necklace with the letters V-O-T-E (German: "Choose").

The gold necklace then enjoyed great popularity on the internet. Numerous users asked on Twitter where to buy the jewel with the political message. The chain quickly became a top search term on Google. It is made by ByChari, a small company from Los Angeles. Founder Chari Cuthbert stated in a tweetthat "the response was incredible". She feels very honored that Michelle Obama has worn her piece of jewelry. The four-letter necklace is priced at $ 295. It is available in gold, rose gold and silver.