Michelle: What's up with your new hair color?

For a long time Michelle was only known with a blonde mane, but recently she's been turning to brunette. Where does the image change come from?

New look for Michelle ("Who Lives Love"): Anyone who sees current photos of the pop singer will hardly recognize the 48-year-old. Michelle now wears brown hair instead of blonde. "In fact, the current hair color is my natural one, and that corresponds to my path, back to the roots, back to naturalness and authenticity," Michelle explains in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

This attitude is also reflected in the title of her new album "Anders Ist Gut". "In terms of content and music, the new album has exactly the maturity that I have today as an artist, mother and wife and thus reflects me 100 percent, that's special," said the 48-year-old. Each song is "a personal story. Each song describes, in whole or in part, the experiences of my own life."

Music video with "Let's Dance" professional dancer Christian Polanc

The advance single "Vorbei Vorbei" is about a love that you just can't get away from. Michelle knows this situation: "It was a bit long ago, but I still know exactly how it felt and that many people have felt that way. Rarely do two people separate in total agreement, usually one sticks to the other a little more hang."

In the accompanying music video, she dances closely with "Let's Dance" star Christian Polanc (42). "We also knew Christian through the 'Let's Dance' format and decided on him, asked and he said yes. I think he expresses his part of the song's story well," says Michelle about the shoot.

Will Michelle ever return to "DSDS"?

Michelle is also known to TV fans from the RTL casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", on whose jury she sat in 2016 and 2017. This year, Michael Wendler (48, "doesn't care") would have left a chair free. A return seems to be impossible for the pop singer: "No, that was a good time, but it is over," says the 48-year-old. Michelle looks back "positively" and "with joy" on her more than 30-year music career. "I see a great path and don't want to turn back a second," she explains.


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