Michou disappointed and sad because of Elsa Bois: he calls out to her live on social networks

As a couple or not as a couple? For several weeks now, Michou and Elsa Bois maintain the vagueness of the nature of their relationship. The two finalists of the last season of Dance with the stars neither confirm nor deny the rumors that have been telling them together since the end of the show. However, their complicity is more than obvious if we are to believe the videos or photos regularly shared by Michou.

The 20-year-old Youtubeur has difficulty spending a day without mentioning the beautiful brunette or appearing at her side. This weekend, when taking stock of his Christmas, Michou also expressed a regret, namely the absence of the dancer near him. “However, I didn’t get the gift I wanted … Elsa Bois, where are you? I was waiting for you under my tree“, he wrote under a photo of him pretending to be disappointed.

Elsa Bois did not react to this comment, she who is much less the type to display her private life on the Web. Previously, Michou had for his part fueled the curiosity of his millions of fans by confiding to have landed a “date” with his partner of Dance with the stars. He would indeed have taken him to see the last Spiderman At the movie theater. “Dude I had to thank you. Thanks to you, I dated Elsa at the cinema. You are the best, I love you“, he declared on December 22 while addressing the character in a shop of the Champs-Élysées. Just before, Michou and Elsa had subtly indicated to have watched together the grand finale of Koh Lanta, on December 14th.

It is still difficult for the moment to know if Michou is playing Internet users but anyway, these two are certainly inseparable since the end of the TF1 show. “It’s officially the end of Dance with the stars, corn the start of a great story“, blurted out the phenomenon of YouTube on this subject in a new video.

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