Mick Schumacher: He thinks that of Sebastian Vettel


Mick Schumacher comments on his possible rival in the coming Formula 1 season: Sebastian Vettel is a "relaxed guy".

Will there be two Germans in Formula 1 next year? After Sebastian Vettel (33) switched from Ferrari to Aston Martin, Mick Schumacher (21) could also do so in the coming season. At the race in Mugello, the son of racing legend Michael Schumacher (51) drove a few laps on the Ferrari home track in his father's red speedster from 2004. In an interview with RTL, Schumacher jr. now about his experiences and his possible rival.

"I tried to enjoy every kilometer of the track. Of course that was something very emotional," said Mick Schumacher about his laps. Incidentally, he is "very happy" about Vettel's stay in the premier class. Sebastian is a "very relaxed guy" and you can "talk to him very well". He has also already received one or two tips from him. It is not yet known whether he will really soon become a Formula 1 driver. Mick Schumacher is currently driving very successfully in Formula 2.