Mickey Rourke: "9 1/2 weeks" is uncomfortable for him today

Mickey Rourke
"9 1/2 weeks" is uncomfortable for him today

Mickey Rourke became a megastar in the 80s.

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Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke were the sex symbols of the 80s thanks to "9 1/2 weeks". But today the actor is embarrassed by the film.

In 1986, the former professional boxer Mickey Rourke (68) celebrated his international breakthrough in the erotic film "9½ weeks" alongside Kim Basinger (67) – and became a sex symbol and Hollywood superstar almost overnight. But today he thinks critically about that time, the success streak is even "embarrassing" for him, the actor says in an interview with "Bild am Sonntag".

He was regularly asked about the film, which he found uncomfortable. Not because of the sex scenes with Basinger: "But they are mostly older people, and that's how I am reminded of how old I am." However, Rourke still has fond memories of his absolute success around 35 years ago: "I lived the life. Parties, women, there was never an evening when I stayed at home. It was wild."