Microblading: The most important facts at a glance

Beautiful eyebrows in no time

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The perfect eyebrow shape has long been one of the big beauty trends. We clarify the most important facts about the trend topic microblading.

Ever since supermodel Cara Delevingne wore them, bushy and beautifully shaped eyebrows have been on everyone’s lips. A few years ago, the underlying method spilled over to us from Asia, where many beauty trends come from. We are talking about microblading, a semi-permanent make-up.

What is microblading?

Unlike normal permanent make-up, with microblading pigments are scratched by hand with a special scalpel (“blade”, which is a fine line of needles) into the top layer of skin and filled with color. In this way, brows can be reconstructed and gaps filled. The result: natural, voluminous brows.

Microblading: what is the cost?

The price can vary greatly depending on the cosmetic studio (or browery studio). However, you have to around 300 to 600 euros calculate. Follow-up treatment should take place about a month after the actual treatment. The color is refreshed again and should last longer. This is usually included in the price. The complete treatment takes about two hours: consultation, pre-drawing, anesthetic and pigmentation with the scalpel just take their time.

Who offers the eyebrow hair beautification method?

Selected beauty salons and special browery studios offer the hair drawing procedure. It should be ensured that the beautician has received special training and knows exactly how microblading works. Because many unprofessional cosmetic studios jump on the tattoo trend and try to rip off customers, injure the skin by piercing too deeply, or have no disinfected tools. Therefore: Better to research a little more and ask for experiences.

Who is microblading suitable for?

In principle, microblading is suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, there are risk groups who should better avoid permanent tattooing, for example because allergic reactions are known and could also occur with this procedure. You should also talk to a competent beautician about previous Botox treatments, as the result can otherwise be different than desired. Pregnant women and those who are seriously ill should consult their doctor before microblading.

Are there any disadvantages to microblading?

The treatment can cause pain. In addition, redness or, in rare cases, swelling can occur, but they usually don’t last long. Sometimes after microblading there is initially a slight red tinge, which experienced beauticians can neutralize with a complementary color such as green.

What is the difference between microblading and permanent make-up?

The tools used in microblading are much thinner and finer than the tattoo needles used in classic permanent make-up for an eyebrow tattoo. The result is more natural and the color pigments can be better absorbed by the skin. Finer accentuations can also be made in this way, the new hairs look more natural. Incidentally, the trend successor to microblading has already been determined: Microshading should look even more natural because this technique allows you to work even more finely.

How long do you have the results?

The fine hairline pattern lasts up to two years, depending on the condition of the skin – the durability can also be quite individual, depending on the fat content of the skin and skin type. After about a year and a half, the color will start to fade and it’s time for a refresher.

Can microblading be reworked in an emergency?

Yes, often help and corrections are given immediately after the first treatment. Because often the lines are too thin (better than too thick) or the Color applied too superficially. In addition, the eyebrow hairs are better traced step by step and the desired shape of the eyebrows is thus achieved.

Microblading for the hair

The Asians have already expanded the trend towards microblading. Then: Hairline microblading has recently become particularly popular in Korea. In contrast to the eyebrows, women and men alike are drawn to the beauty salon to have a forehead that is too high or a receding hairline removed. The hairline is simply created artificially using the microblading method. As with the classic microblading procedure, this treatment must also be renewed every two years.

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