Microsoft adds ads to the Start menu to promote its services

Microsoft is experimenting with a new “feature” for some Windows 11 users: the inclusion of windows encouraging them to subscribe to its services, all in the start menu. A maneuver that could be similar to advertising.

Credits: Windows Latest

Microsoft really wants you to use its services, like OneDrive or Microsoft 365 (available via subscription). For this, the Redmond firm uses all possible means to convince you, like advertising in the most surprising corners of Windows 11.

Some users have noticed the appearance of new windows in the Start menu. This happens more precisely in the small menu that appears when you click on the profile. In addition to the usual three options (change settings, lock and log out), a new one appears. It touts Microsoft’s services.

Microsoft starts advertising in Windows 11

These signs encourage you to do several things (if you haven’t already): connect to a Microsoft account, use the (paid) Microsoft 365 service, strengthen your security or even use OneDrive, the brand’s cloud service. In fact, nothing surprising, since Microsoft is looking just to turn the user towards his ecosystembut the maneuver is a little curious, even aggressive.

Some could indeed consider this as advertising, invasive moreover, it appears in inappropriate places. Admittedly, the services offered by the manufacturer are interesting and efficient, but to encourage excessively to use them can both be counterproductive and a sign that they are not having that much success.

It is not the first time that Microsoft is touting its own services in Windows 11. Indeed, “ads” have appeared in the new search bar. Again, these are just brand services. A little self-promotion to persuade users to stay exclusively on Microsoft applications.

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As a reminder, Windows 11 relies heavily on the convergence of the entire Microsoft ecosystem, whether it’s OneDrive, 365 or Outlook. Therefore, the connection with a suitable account is almost mandatory to install the operating system.

Source: WindowsLatest

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