Microsoft and Nintendo announce the first 4 Xbox games to be released on PlayStation and Switch


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February 21, 2024 at 8:15 p.m.


© VideoCardz

© VideoCardz

Microsoft’s new Xbox games strategy is starting to take shape with four cross-platform releases imminent.

In recent days, the question is no longer really whether Microsoft will port games from the Xbox catalog to PlayStation and Switch, but rather when the American firm will do so and, above all, which one(s) will actually be affected. ?

Penment arriving tomorrow on PS4/5 and Switch

Funny, it was through the Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, February 21 that we had the beginnings of an answer to these questions. If on February 15, Microsoft had confirmed that four Xbox Game Studios games would be launched on PlayStation 5 and Switch, the company had not specified anything further.

So today Nintendo took over by giving the names of certain games before Microsoft confirmed/completed things. Unsurprisingly, there is no question of finding large Microsoft licenses there. Grounded, Hi-Fi Rush, Penment And Sea of ​​Thieves will constitute the first salvo.

Two Obsidian titles, a successful MMO from Rare and a slightly more confidential title: this is a great start for games which will therefore join the big names in the multiplatform Microsoft catalog (Call of Duty, Diablo, Minecraft And Overwatch).

Penment will get the ball rolling with a PlayStation 4/5 and Switch release tomorrow, February 22. Hi-Fi Rush is now up for pre-order, but will not be released until March 19, on PS5 only. As of April 16, Grounded will be playable on PS4/5 and Switch. Finally, Sea of ​​Thieves will arrive on April 30, on PS5.

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