Microsoft announces an increase in the price of its games

In France, based on what happened with other publishers who applied this price, the increase should result in a price of 80 euros, but Microsoft has not yet announced anything specific concerning regional pricing . As a reminder, Sony Interactive Entertainment was the first to establish this increase of 10 eurodollars for its big productions on PS5, a movement quickly followed by publishers like Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed), Activision (Call of Duty) and Take-Two (NBA 2K ) whose flagship titles also took the opportunity to increase on the occasion of the launch of the new generation.

Microsoft’s game price hike obviously isn’t going to be welcomed very favorably, but it’s also guaranteed to make a lot less noise than the competition, especially because all affected games are promised to Game Pass subscribers on day of their release. Most observers believe that this price increase is just another way of encouraging consumers even more to join the subscription camp, especially since the number of new subscribers is starting to slow down, by Phil Spencer’s own admission.

“This price reflects the content, scale and technical complexity of these titles,” according to Microsoft

Phil Spencer who had also prepared the ground psychologically in October in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.We have maintained the price of our console, we have maintained the price of games, and of our subscription. I don’t think we’ll be able to do this forever. I think at some point we will have to raise prices on some things“, he had slipped, not without having a good reason to do so. For the time being, no price increase has been observed on the Xbox Series console side, it would even be rather the opposite since Microsoft has allowed itself the luxury of temporarily lowering the price of its Xbox Series S in several key markets during the Christmas holidays. Thanksgiving. But of course, eyes are now on Xbox Game Pass subscription prices, especially since after a very shy 2022 in terms of games first party2023 is set to mark the relaunch of a number of big house titles.

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