Microsoft Bing: the new version of the search engine with ChatGPT unveiled in pictures

Microsoft will rely heavily on ChatGPT’s GPT-3 artificial intelligence to improve its own software, and the giant is already working to integrate AI into its Bing search engine.

Credit: Owen Yin

After a massive multi-billion dollar investment in Open AI, the creators of ChatGPT, it was unsurprisingly expected that Microsoft is integrating artificial intelligence into several of its products. Microsoft should in particular use ChatGPT in its office suite, that is to say its Word, Outlook or PowerPoint software.

However, we also reported that Microsoft was planning to catch up with Google by improving the performance of its Bing search engine. While a major update is scheduled for early spring, it would have already been unveiled in preview by a user.

ChatGPT invites itself to the new version of Bing

Owen Yin, a student and designer, said on Twitter that he saw the ” new Bing “. For that, he would have simply set Bing as the homepage on Microsoft’s Edge browser and the new UI suddenly appeared. ” After a few minutes it stopped working… My jaw dropped when I realized what I was looking at! “, he explains.

Microsoft Bing ChatGPT (2)
Credit: Owen Yin

Fortunately, Yin was able to briefly test the system and shared more details about the integration in a blog post on Medium. In particular, he notes that the chatbot could not only answer questions, but also interact in a conversational way. Traditional search results are still there, but a tab has been added, allowing the user to start a chat with the ChatGPT tool by typing messages up to 1000 characters.

Another important point, as you can see from the screenshot below, the new Bing is also apparently able to cite its sources. This would be great news, as the AI ​​has often been criticized for not always accurate information. It now remains to be seen when Microsoft will officially roll out this feature to all users.

Microsoft Bing ChatGPT (3)
Credit: Owen Yin

If Microsoft has already taken a step ahead of its competitors, Google could counter-attack as early as next week. The American giant has announced an event dedicated to artificial intelligence where it should also present many important new features for its search engine and Maps.

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