Microsoft Copilot updates to better respond to your requests (GPT-4 Turbo, code interpreter, etc.)

Unlike Google, Microsoft has not missed the milestone of generative artificial intelligence. With Copilot, previously Bing Chat, the company provides Internet users with a chatbot that takes advantage of the capabilities of ChatGPT and DALL-E. For even more precise queries, but also more complete answers, Microsoft has just mentioned future improvements in a blog post: GPT-4 Turbo, new DALL-E 3 model, improved searches, code interpreter… We’re doing it point !

Wave of new features for Microsoft Copilot

Before getting to the heart of the matter, the Redmond firm recalls having made the decision to unify its Bing Chat and Copilot tools under the same name: Microsoft Copilot. Generative AI is accessible on any type of device at the new address

To begin with, Microsoft announces the arrival “in the coming weeks” of GPT-4 Turbo. Recently presented, this new version of the OpenAI language model aims to be faster, benefits from a database updated until April 2023 and supports queries of 128,000 characters.

We then learn of the upcoming appearance of multimodal search in Copilot. Combining the capabilities of GPT-4 and Bing’s image search tool, its goal is to provide AI with a better understanding of shared images.

For developers, a more than interesting feature is under development: the code interpreter. Thanks to the latter, Microsoft specifies that Copilot will allow “perform complex tasks such as more precise calculations, coding, data analysis, visualization, mathematics and much more”.

Finally, Microsoft indicates that artificial intelligence will benefit from a text rewriting functionality in Microsoft Edge, while an advanced search option (Deep Search) will arrive on Bing to specify the theme.

Only one improvement is already deployed: the update of the DALL-E 3 model. Thanks to it, Microsoft emphasizes that it is possible to “create better, more realistic images”.

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