Microsoft Edge will soon tell you if your password is secure enough

Microsoft Edge will soon receive an interesting security update for users, which will let them know if the password they are using is “strong” enough, i.e. whether or not their account is strong enough. secure.

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When browsing online, one of the first things to pay attention to is the security of your personal data, which is why these must be protected behind fairly “strong” passwords. As we have seen in previous reports, many internet users still use overly obvious passwords, which is why it is important to change your habits.

Microsoft Edge already has a very good password manager, but until now the browser didn’t tell you whether or not these were secure enough. As Leopardeva64-2 spotted on the Canary version of Edge, Microsoft is preparing to change that, and add a password strength indicator.

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Edge will help you use stronger passwords

As we can see on the screenshots shared by the Internet user, Edge will integrate a progress bar that will indicate in real time the strength of the password you type. If you type 123456, Edge will say the password is weak, and the progress bar will only be one-third full.

edge password
Credit: Leoparda64-2

However, by using a long string of characters including lowercase, uppercase, numbers or even punctuation, Bing will tell you that the password is “strong”. This will therefore reduce your chances of having your accounts hacked.

Microsoft does not intend to stop there, since the company is also working on a brand new version of Edge which will include a password manager working hand in hand with the OS of your machine.

For its part, Google is also working on a similar feature on Chrome, but its implementation is slightly different. Rather than displaying a progress bar, Google just tells you whether or not your password is strong enough with a color code and a message.

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