Microsoft formalizes a new Xbox Series S, with more storage

Microsoft will market a new version of the Xbox Series S, the cheapest console in its catalog, at the start of the school year. It will be black and rely on more extensive storage. We go from 500 GB to 1 TB.

What’s the Xbox Series S’s biggest flaw? Some will say its graphics power, but that precisely allows Microsoft to sell an affordable console. No, the real problem with the Xbox Series S is its storage, which is limited to 500 GB. That’s not much, especially for a console that doesn’t have a disc drive. This problem will soon be history: during its Xbox Games Showcase conference on June 11, the multinational announced a new model for its Xbox Series S.

There will be two big changes compared to the Xbox Series S released since November 2020. There is a move from a white product to a black product, which can be good news for those who are looking to constantly match the decoration of their living room. But, more importantly, the Xbox Series S will go up to 1TB.

Xbox Series S goes black and 1TB

This black Xbox Series S will be available from September 1, a few days before the release of Starfield — the most important game of the end of the year for Xbox. A priori, it will not replace the 512 GB version, always present on promotional tools. But the additional 512 GB will be charged: Microsoft announces it at $349, or $50 more than the basic Xbox Series S. In France, this should give 349 €. 50 € for 512 GB of additional storage seems like a good deal when you know that Xbox memory cards are super expensive.

Xbox Series Family // Source: Microsoft

Above all, it is crucial to acquire a console with maximum storage space when you know that it is possible to have access to the Xbox Game Pass. This Microsoft service allows you to install dozens and dozens of games on your Xbox. With 1 TB, we have time to see a little more and try as much as possible.

Otherwise, we find the same compatibility with accessories from the Xbox ecosystem. On the power, there is no change: ” This console offers the same performance as the Series S (512 GB), now with double the storage “says Microsoft. We remind you that the Xbox Series S can act as a total TV box, posing as a good alternative to Apple TV. Enough to boost sales?

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