Microsoft is adding even more ads to its Outlook mobile app

Stephane Ficca

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August 23, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.


Oneoutlook © Windows Central

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Microsoft has chosen to modify the display of advertisements within its Outlook application.

Understand by this that Microsoft has decided to increase the visibility of advertisements, and too bad for the user experience.

More ads on Outlook

Available on iOS as on Android, Microsoft’s Outlook application allows you to manage your mailbox and was recently launched in a Lite version in certain countries. For some time, Microsoft has been testing a new way to reinforce the presence of advertisements within its application, and it is not going to make anyone happy.

Specifically, Microsoft is making it harder for free users to avoid ads within the mobile version of Outlook. Regardless of the type of inbox chosen, the user cannot pass through the advertisements that slip between the “classic” e-mails. It’s simple, the only way to bypass ads on the Outlook application is to take out a Microsoft 365 subscription (paid, therefore).

Microsoft explains that it is possible for users to opt for the ” Focused Inbox to avoid advertisements as much as possible, which will however be displayed in the “Other” box. Promotional messages indeed resemble real e-mails, which can easily “deceive” the vigilance of the user.

Obviously, this advertising offensive is not (at all) to the taste of Outlook users on iOS as on Android. At present, however, despite numerous complaints, Microsoft continues to display advertisements within its application to all free users of the application.

Source : The Verge

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