Microsoft is right, Windows 11 taskbar consumes more power when showing seconds

“Displaying seconds results in higher energy consumption,” according to Microsoft. The Neowin site has decided to demystify this potentially alarming statement.

A tablet under Windows 11 // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

In a world where the quest for detail sometimes borders on obsession, it seems that even the simple fact of displaying the seconds on the taskbar of your dear Windows 11 could be a source of controversy. “It consumes more energywarns Microsoft with a deadpan serious laugh. OK, but how much? The question has been tested.

Displaying the seconds on the taskbar has always been possible since Windows 10. And for those who had lost the habit, know that the merry men at Redmond have made this option available in a recent Windows 11 update. Just check a box in the “Personalization», sub-section «Taskbar“. And then, surprise:Seconds display results in higher power consumption», Informs us judiciously Microsoft.

“Displaying seconds leads to higher energy consumption”

Neowin has decided to lift the veil on this somewhat alarmist assertion. The test-subject ? An HP Pavillion x360, with a 14-inch screen, an 11th generation i3 processor and 12 GB of RAM. Laboratory conditions were set up: screen at maximum brightness, battery at 100%, airplane mode activated, and brand new operating system. Only the presence of the running stopwatch disturbs this tranquillity.

Source: Neowin

And the verdict falls, after three tests: with Windows 11, the loss of autonomy due to the display of seconds amounts to 1.892%. On Windows 10, this value increases to 1.902%. Suffice to say, you could be wasting more battery while figuring out how to enable this feature than you actually lose while using it.

Of course, these measures are not universally applicable. Depending on the system, the seconds display option could drain the battery a little more or a little less. On high-end machines, the impact is probably negligible. But let me tell you this: if you’re so concerned about the seconds ticking by on your Windows taskbar in terms of power consumption… maybe it’s time to shut down your PC and get out? Don’t take this the wrong way, it’s for your own good.

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