Microsoft makes it easier to download apps from the Microsoft Store site

Microsoft has made a major improvement to the way Windows users download and install apps from the Microsoft Store website.

Microsoft store windows 11
Credits: Microsoft

The company has introduced lightweight installers, called “undocked”, which Significantly simplify the installation process compared to the old multi-step method. For those who are used to downloading apps from the online Microsoft Store, the old method required multiple clicks and switching between windows.

After selecting “Install” from a list, users had to click a “deep link” to open the Microsoft Store app itself. Only then could they click “Install” again to start the download. This convoluted process is now replaced by a much smoother, web-native experience.

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Downloading a program on Windows just got easier

With the new lightweight installers, clicking “Install” in a Store listing gives you the option to save the application installer executable directly to your PC. Once downloaded, you can run this installer file to complete the installation, without having to open the full app from the Microsoft Store. Multiple clicks and window changes are thus reduced to two simple presses.

This simplified approach is possible because these new web installers contain the same installation logic as the Microsoft Store app itself, but in a smaller, self-contained format. This ensures that downloads integrate seamlessly with Windows 11 while automatically updating with the latest features.

According to Rudy Huyn, Principal Cloud Architect at Microsoft, Web installers offer several key advantages over the previous method:

  • They launch much faster than the full app from the Microsoft Store
  • They stay up to date with support for all app types, even if the Microsoft Store app hasn’t been updated.
  • They work even if the Microsoft Store app is uninstalled.
  • They allow several applications to be installed in parallel.

MHuyn revealed that in early testing, the new lightweight installers have already increased app installs from the web by 12%. The number of apps installed and launched by users also increased by 54%.

For the average Windows user, the new installers mean an easier, more intuitive way to get apps and games from Microsoft’s digital storefront. No more getting sent to the Microsoft Store app

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