Microsoft will lift this prohibitive limit of its email client, it was about time

Many Internet users appreciate Outlook and use it on a daily basis. However, there is one point on which Microsoft’s email client is unanimous: the size limit for attached files is far too low. This little inconvenience will soon be a thing of the past.

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is currently bringing a large number of improvements to its email client, Outlook. It must be said that the Redmond firm is bringing a major facelift to its productivity services and applications under the aegis of Microsoft 365, formerly Office. According to the development roadmap of Outlook, the program should undergo an oh so important change for users of the free formula from September 2023, on Android first, then on other systems. operation.

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So far, if you are a free Outlook account holder, you probably know that the maximum weight of attached files is set at 20 MB. It is therefore out of the question to send video files or files that are too large, which forces you to use file compression or go through a service such as WeTransfer to achieve your goals. Microsoft has decided to make your life easier.

Microsoft finally offers a simple solution to send large files from Outlook

On its site, Microsoft explains: “on Outlook accounts, when you try to attach a file to an email that has reached the maximum size limit, or when an attachment causes the email to exceed this limit, you will be prompted to upload the file to OneDrive so that you can easily share the document.

If we combine the 15 GB of storage offered in Outlook with the 5 GB offered with OneDrive, it is no less than 20 GB which are made available to users of service. A capacity that will allow the majority of Internet users to juggle between the two services when they want to send a large file. Business users, on the other hand, will quickly run out of this storage capacity, as Microsoft 365 obviously limits Outlook storage to entice you to take out a subscription.

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