microtransactions as abused as Immortal?

Blizzard is trying to calm players’ fears about Diablo 4’s economic model. Battle Pass, microtransactions, shops, seasons, here’s everything we know.

The Diablo Immortal debacle is causing concern among fans. Will the long-awaited fourth opus also suffer from a disastrous economic model? The developers speak on the subject by revealing the Diablo 4 store and some new crisp information.

Diablo 4 pay-to-win? Here’s what we know

Diablo 4 returns to the spotlight. On the occasion of its new quarterly report, the development team returned to a particularly feared point of the game. If it will not be free-to-play like the much-maligned Diablo Immortal, the fourth installment will have everything from a service game. Battle Pass, seasons and of course shop with microtransactions. The economic model of the game is clearly expected at the turn and Blizzard wanted to communicate on this subject precisely.

It is now confirmed, Diablo 4 will not have any lootbox or technique of the kind. ” To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is essential that players know exactly what they are going to buy “, explain the developers. More concretely, it will be possible to preview each purchase in the store. It will primarily contain ornamental items that can be purchased with premium currency. They are obviously optional and purely cosmetic and will have no impact on gameplay. ” In Diablo 4, it will be impossible to gain power by paying promises Blizzard.

A Battle Pass will also be included. It will include a free portion with gameplay-enhancing items for players, cosmetics, and premium currency, as well as a paid portion with only cosmetic items and premium currency for the store. The objective is therefore to allow all players to be able to earn a variety of rewards for free simply by playing the current season.

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