Microwave Lifehack: 3 Mistakes We Unknowingly Slow Down

Microwave Lifehack
3 mistakes with which we involuntarily slow down our microwave

Handy, a microwave – especially if you follow these tips.


Microwaves can be very useful in the kitchen – but many of us don’t know that they make mistakes when using them, resulting in long waits and sticky food.

Sure, the great kitchen revolution that she promised forty years ago did not occur – but microwaves are still a very practical kitchen aid for some things and can save a lot of time. It is precisely because they have been around for so long that we are sure that we are using them correctly – and we often make mistakes that we are not even aware of.

Microwave bug: too cold, too slow, too sticky food

Would you have thought that we’d better not put bowls or plates that are to be warmed up in the middle of the turntable? Most of us do just that – and are annoyed afterwards that our food is only half cooked. A summary of three tricks that we can use to avoid our unconscious mistakes is now making the rounds on TikTok – you can see an overview of them in the video.

Source: RTL