Mid-reef look: With this trend, everything runs like clockwork

A lot of skin is shown again this summer. Stars like Bella Hadid rely on the mid-reef look, which was already popular in the 2000s.

Well laced is half the battle – this is the motto for stars like Bella Hadid (23) and Emily Ratajkowski (29) this summer. They do not commit themselves to a piece of clothing. "String-thing" dominates the swimwear, pants and shoe fashion this season.

The lacing trend is actually not really new. Back in 2000, for example, "3 angels for Charlie" star Lucy Liu (51) appeared in a black ensemble that scored with an exciting look around the waist. The delicate laces created a playful connection between the glittering top and the sparkling trousers.

20 years later, the designers reinvent the extravagant mid-grip look. For the spring collection, Versace sent his models down the catwalk in deep-seated trousers at Milan Fashion Week. The eye-catchers were the ornate thong strings that peeped out from model Bella Hadid. Flashing underwear may not be everyone's cup of tea. There might be a nicely laced bikini, as regularly presented on Instagram in Emily Ratajkowski.

The trend is cheating leaner

In a short video clip, the model appeared in a bikini with orange pants and a cappuccino-colored top. The lacing of the same color drew the focus to Ratajkowski's narrow waist, and she also wore a color-coordinated blouse. The nice thing: mid-grip bikinis are particularly suitable for women who want to put their waist and belly in the right light, as laces visually stretch and stretch the body.

Speaking of lengthening: the lacing principle also works for the legs. Again it is Emily Ratajkowski who shows how to do it. At the Spirit Awards 2020, the top model chose delicate high heels for the "little black dress" whose laces reached just below the knee. Here, too, the cords cheat the legs longer and slimmer.


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