Middle East expert Ulrich Tilgner on the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan

The Taliban are still acting peacefully. There will be “no revenge on anyone,” said a Taliban negotiator in an interview. Middle East expert Ulrich Tilgner (73) fears that the Islamists will keep their promise in the long term is unlikely: “The night of long knives will come later.” Tilgner reported from the region himself for years. For Blick, he assesses the situation in Kabul and the consequences for Europe.

For Switzerland, the 73-year-old sees above all a humanitarian obligation: “Switzerland should take in certain refugees, such as the people who have worked for the FDFA or for Swiss organizations on site.” So you can be a role model for other countries. Justice Minister Karin Keller-Sutter has made a corresponding decision. Around 200 people, local SDC employees and their families, are to receive a humanitarian visa. However, it remains unclear where these 200 people are currently located.