Migraine + pill: this is how strong the hormonal interaction is – video

Migraines and the pill
Caught in the vicious hormonal cycle

Migraines often bring unbearable headaches – is the pill responsible?


Migraines and the pill can create an interaction in the body that has it all – and also nastily surprises women who have never had a migraine before.

A migraine attack is really no fun – anyone who has ever faced a violent attack knows that. The mixture of a headache and nausea often makes it impossible to do anything other than lie down in bed and wait for the seizure to finally pass. In extreme cases, the pill can also be responsible for this, because it often has a great influence on migraine attacks.

Hormone levels as a trigger

Those who take contraception with the pill also regulate their hormonal balance, which can have numerous side effects. In the video you can see why doctors are now looking more closely at migraine attacks, which contraceptives may be partly responsible.

Source used: RTL.de