Mike Singer: He shows his girlfriend on Instagram

Mike Singer
He shows his girlfriend on Instagram

Mike Singer on a TV appearance.

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Now it’s official: Mike Singer and his girlfriend show through pictures on Instagram how in love they are with each other.

Mike Singer (21) shows his girlfriend. On Instagram he now shared a turtle picture, which apparently originated during a vacation in Montenegro. It shows the two of them standing in the water and getting close to kissing each other.

In the snapshot she is wearing a tight, dark bikini, he is wearing orange swimming trunks. Singer commented on the picture with a heart emoji. In the comments, fans and colleagues are happy with the couple. Pietro Lombardi (29) left three heart emojis for the two.

This is Mike Singer’s girlfriend

The woman at Mike Singer’s side is influencer Sophie Lilian Marstatt. The pop star also shows a picture in his Instagram stories that Marstatt posted from their vacation together. Rumors of a love affair between the two have been around for months – now the love is official.