Mike Tyson: the legendary boxer accused of raping a woman in a limo

Since the beginning of January, Mike Tyson has been on trial following a complaint of sexual assault, reveals the Times Union of Albany. The former heavyweight boxing champion is accused of raping a woman in a limo in the 1990s.

mike tyson caught up in his past. As unveiled by the Times Union of Albany, the boxing legend is tried since the beginning of January for rape. A woman accuses him of having sexually abused her in the early 1990s. is claiming $5 million in damages.

According to the complainant, who made a sworn statement, the facts would have taken place at the exit of a nightclub in Albany, capital of the State of New York. mike tyson would have offered the woman to get into his limo to drive her to a party. Once in the vehicle, the former boxer would “started kissing her, ignored her pleas to stop, took off her pants” and would have “raped”. More than 30 years after the events, the alleged victim reports physical and especially psychological sequelae that have dogged her for years.

Mike Tyson already convicted of rape in 1992

It was finally by relying on the Adult Survivors Act that she was able to file a complaint. This New York State law, which came into effect at the end of November, allows victims of sexual assault, for one year, to sue the perpetrators in civil court, without fear of prescription.

This is not the first time that Mike Tyson has found himself in court on such charges. In 1992, he was convicted of raping model Desiree Washington, 18 at the time. He had then spent three years behind bars, before being finally released on parole.

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