Miley Cyrus: funny congratulations to her "little big sister"

Miley Cyrus
Funny congratulations to your "little big sister"

Miley Cyrus congratulates Sister Noah Cyrus on her birthday.

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Noah Cyrus is celebrating her 21st birthday. Sister Miley gives her funny, but probably serious advice.

Miley Cyrus (28, "Wrecking Ball") congratulates her younger sister Noah Cyrus (21, "July") on her birthday with an affectionate and funny post. The singer published two snapshots on Instagram showing the two sisters shortly after Noah was born. Miley, who was seven years old at the time, is clearly holding her sibling in her arms and grinning at the camera. 21 years later, she congratulates the "living legend" on her special day.

"I love you, little sister who became a big sister," writes Cyrus about the photos. "On the day you were born, I never thought that one day the roles would be reversed and you would be the one to take care of me." Sister Noah always "got the now 28-year-old to make the difficult but correct decisions". It is time to give back some wise advice: "Don't get nearly as drunk as I do," the singer appeals to the birthday boy. "I practically missed my own party because I spent the night over the toilet."