Milla Jovovich: first baby photos are here!


Milla Jovovich (44, "Resident Evil") has now spoken on Instagram after the birth of her daughter last Sunday. The mother of three gave a private glimpse into the first few hours with her newly born offspring and published a series of pictures from the hospital. The photos show her two daughters Ever (12) and Dashiel (4) with their siblings and the proud father, director Paul W. S. Anderson (54). One picture shows Milla Jovovich breastfeeding her daughter Osian. In the post, the actress also explains what the unusual name is all about.

Milla Jovovich reveals the baby name: And the little one is called …

Her daughter Osian Lark Elliot Jovovich-Anderson was born on February 2nd at 8:56 a.m., reports Jovovich. "Osian is a Welsh name and is pronounced O-shin (in German: O-shin)." Her daughter had two other names because the family could not make up her mind, said the newly minted triple mother. In the end, Jovovich raves:

She is so wonderful. Her hair is lighter than that of our first two girls. And it is already very strong. We are so thankful and very fond of her.

Jovovich promises her followers that she will post more pictures soon. "But we're all exhausted because the last few nights have been crazy!"

Jovovich wasn't the first to announce the Instagram community's baby news: daughter Ever preempted her with a post. "Welcome to our world, new sister," wrote the 12-year-old on a cute family picture.