Mimi Gwozdz: She is “proud like Bolle” of her “Playboy” photos

Mimi Gwozdz
She is “proud as bogus” of her “Playboy” photos

Mimi Gwozdz is the current cover star of the German “Playboy” and recently left “Promi Big Brother” voluntarily.

© SAT.1 / Marc Rehbeck

After her “Celebrity Big Brother” exit, Mimi Gwozdz talks about her time on the show and her “Playboy” photos.

All that I experienced on “Celebrity Big Brother” on Sat.1 was simply too much for Mimi Gwozdz (27). She left the show voluntarily. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, she explains what she did after moving out, who is her favorite to win and how she likes her “Playboy” pictures. Because she is also the cover star of the September issue of the men’s magazine, which appeared when Gwozdz was still in the show’s space station.

How are you after moving out? You said that you no longer had the physical and mental strength to continue.

Mimi Gwozdz: Thank you for asking, I actually feel better now. When I moved out and got home, I immediately repacked my suitcase, got in the car and drove to my family. Here I can only be doing well or better.

How difficult did you make the final decision to voluntarily quit the show?

Gwozdz: I think it was literally written on my face that I was just not feeling well and that I sometimes just felt uncomfortable. I couldn’t show myself from the side, as I could have done in my familiar surroundings. And before the audience had to “endure” me like this for a few more days or weeks, I just wanted to get out because I noticed that it wasn’t good for me and that the audience wasn’t enjoying it either.

What or from whom did you suffer most?

Gwozdz: That was actually due to many different reasons – no daylight, in a confined space with people, some of whom were strangers to me, or people with whom I would not want to spend any time in “real life”, not having a place to retreat, lack of sleep , the bad mood, arguments and some self-promoters or professionals in the field of show business. For me as a “beginner” this is really not that easy to endure, because I also haven’t noticed where some of them are and whether they like me at all or if they would “ram the knife in my back if they turned around” . Don’t get me wrong!

Can you imagine participating in a show like Celebrity Big Brother again?

Gwozdz: I don’t know whether there are any formats similar to this one. I think I would let my gut feeling decide. I do not regret my participation in any way. It was a cool time while it lasted and I had the chance to meet great people. An exciting and cool, interesting and different format – just not for me.

You said on Instagram that you want to see some of the candidates again after the show. Who did you get along with best? And who do you want to meet?

Gwozdz: Actually, I didn’t get on well with anyone – in other words, so that I would have struggled. I just wasn’t sure if certain people were nice to me because they liked me or because they were just putting on a show. But my “favorites” definitely include Ina, Gitta, Jörg, Marie and Raffi.

Who do you think will emerge victorious in the end and who do you indulge in victory the most?

Gwozdz: I think Jörg will do the thing that I would be happy to do, although I would trust and wish Gitta to do it too.

You can see them in the current “Playboy”. How has the general feedback been so far?

Gwozdz: It’s so exciting and I think my closest people are just as excited about it as I am. Everyone is enthusiastic and overwhelmed by the pictures and that I thought I could do it myself – regardless of the opinion of others.

Are you happy with the recordings?

Gwozdz: I am incredibly proud and happy about the result! It’s an incredible feeling to walk past the magazine shelf while shopping and see me on the cover – or to receive messages with pictures from the magazine and that people want me to sign it. As proud as hell!

What’s next for you?

Gwozdz: Now, after leaving the “Celebrity Big Brother” house and the publication of “Playboy”, I would first like to arrive, come down and realize and process everything. I think it’ll take me a few more days to do that, but after that I’ll be ready to get started again – whether in moderation, acting or in other TV shows. I feel like trying new things and learning, teaching me new things or being taught.