Minecraft: How to tame and raise chickens?

Among the passive animals, present on Minecraftwe find the hens. In this dedicated guide, we explain how to tame hens and breed chicks.

Where to find chickens in Minecraft?

Just like cows, it is very easy to find hens on Minecraft. Indeed, this animal is present in most biomes. The hens spawn, mostly, in areas with dirt/grass blocks. As you will have understood, it is therefore quite common to see hens on the Mojang Studios title.

As said before, the hens are passive animals. This way, they won’t be hostile towards you if you attack them. Nevertheless, it is possible to see animals (like foxes, to name just one example) hunting them.

How to tame and raise chickens in Minecraft?

To give birth to chicks, there are two ways. The first being to tame two hens adults to reproduce. For this you will need seeds. On our side, we used basic seeds, which are the easiest to find since they can be obtained by destroying (with a tool or not) tall grasses.

From the moment you have seeds in your inventory, go in search of hens, around. As soon as you have approached one, take seeds in your hand. Then press the key associated with the “Feed” action. You will then see hearts above the head of the chickenwhich indicates that you tamed it. You can, therefore, take him to your enclosure.

Repeat the process with a second chicken, after leading it to where the already tamed one is. Then feed the two animals until you see new hearts appear above their heads. They will then approach each other and a chick will be born.

The second solution, in order to give birth to a chickconsists of collecting the eggs laid by the hens. By throwing them, you will have a chance to see a chick emerge from the shell. However, note that a chick will not necessarily appear with each egg thrown. So, this process might take you some time. This is why the first solution seems to us to be the most interesting and above all the most durable.

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