Minecraft Legends: The game is intended to be accessible to everyone!

What was our wonder at the unexpected announcement of the brand new game of Mojang Studios, namely Minecraft Legends. The developers have indeed decided to lift the veil on the latter almost a month ago now, on the occasion of the Summer Games Fest.

And if some seem to find some similarities with the dungeon crawler Minecraft: Dungeons, the developers wanted to make a few statements about their next game, a game which they believe will be a new experience and accessible to all.

Minecraft Legends will be a brand new experience

When it was made official, Minecraft Legends painted a not very happy picture, at least, regarding its plot. In this brand new title, an invasion of voracious piglins and the Nether world will come to devastate the Overworld, and it will be up to you to set things right, and for that: strategy and action will be part of the game with the possibility according to developers to gather your own troops.

According to the latest podcast from Mojang Studios, Minecraft Legends will be a unique experience that won’t require hours and hours of playing Minecraft itself, and this will be an opportunity for new players to get to know this wonderful world. According to the team, the game is intended to be accessible and open to as many people as possiblebut regulars of the world of Minecraft will not be lost because they will find their bearings there.

Moreover, with regard to the title mobs, the main actors will be the piglins, these not very friendly soldier pigs that we usually come across in the Nether world and not in the Overworld. On the rest, the developers wanted to keep a little more secrecy!

For the record, Minecraft Legends was codenamed Project Badger at the time, and the latter had already been teased by the teams through an easter egg during MineCon 2018. Jens Bergensten was indeed wearing a shirt on which there was a graphic in the shape of a badger’s head. You had to know!

As a reminder, we should find Minecraft Legends during the year 2023. Indeed, we are still waiting for its official release date, but in the meantime, Minecraft recently welcomed its last major update with the Wild Update. Through it, many new features have joined Mojang’s flagship title with new biomes, new mobs and also new mechanics.

Still waiting for the 1.19.1 version of Minecraft, the developers of Mojang Studios are above all fixing the various problems and exploits that remain in the cubic title. Once again, the in-game chat is affected, along with a few other known issues.

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