Mineral oil, pesticides & mold toxins: oatmeal from Aldi, Rewe and Co. affected

Because too many harmful substances were found in four products, they did not pass the test. The laboratory detected several pesticides in all four oatmeal, and even glyphosate in three cases. Two of the products also contain mineral oil components.

In addition, mold toxins are detected in higher quantities. In this case it is the T-2/HT-2 toxins, which are greatly increased. They are said to have a particularly high toxicological potential: they have a cytotoxic, carcinogenic and immunosuppressive effect. This means that these toxins are capable of damaging or destroying living cells, are carcinogenic, and damage the immune system. Anyone who eats contaminated products, mostly cereals, can suffer serious illnesses.

So you should better keep your hands off these oatmeal:

  • Golden Breakfast oat flakes pithy from Norma
  • Yes! Crunchy oat flakes from rewe
  • Every day oat flakes pithy from Central trading company
  • Crunchy oat flakes from Aldi

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