Minister Olivier Véran far from his children during confinement: his rare secrets: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The Minister of Health Olivier Véran is regularly invited on television to talk about the epidemic of coronavirus which is raging in the world and which has not spared the hexagon. Wednesday March 18, the politician was in duplex with Daily to answer Yann Barthès' questions. The Minister notably reviewed the containment measures in place for at least 15 days: "All measures are taken (…) We know how to be able to stop things (…) You can be contagious for up to fifteen days. By staying confined we limit the risks. This confinement period is essential. (…) The time in confinement does not stop. Yes, the outings are limited but the activities that can be done are unlimited ".

⋙ Minister Olivier Véran tackles Yann Barthès for his behavior towards the coronavirus

Rare thing, Olivier Véran evoked his private life, and in particular the confinement of his own family: "I wouldn't say it's great to be confined and me first because my kids are in a different city than i'm in". Father of two young children, Olivier Véran separated from his ex-partner. He now lives with a partner with Coralie Dubost, elected from Hérault and former rapporteur for bioethics law. "It is obviously a difficult situation for everyone. There are people who have canceled their marriage", he said. Will this be the case for Béatrice Dalle whose third marriage is planned for the end of May 2020?

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