Mirácoli: Ready-to-serve pasta is the "bogus pack of the year 2019"

The Mirácoli pasta dish is the "bogus pack of the year 2019". This was the result of a vote by the Hamburg consumer advice center. The reason: The classic among ready meals has been sold without cheese since last year. This was followed by numerous complaints because the price was not reduced despite the reduced content.

The manufacturer says that

In addition, the manufacturer Mars also saved on the tomato sauce and spice mix for the ready-made noodles, according to the message from the consumer center. However, the packaging only indicated the missing cheese in the small print. In the end, more than a third of the 43,044 votes went to Mirácoli.

Mars has since commented on the negative price for the "Bild" newspaper: "We regret that some of our consumers miss the Parmesello cheese that was included in our Mirácoli pasta dishes." However, a buyer survey would have shown that they often have no use for the cheese. "We received this feedback and took it into account when revising our pasta dishes. In this way, we were able to prevent price adjustments due to increased costs while maintaining our high quality standards."

These products are cheated too

In addition to the Mirácoli spaghetti, these four products were also available for the title "Mogelpackung des Jahres 2019": Second place was the "100% organic direct juice carrot" from Hipp, followed by the margarine "Rama Unser Meisterstück" from Upfield, the new chocolate line "Darkmilk" from Milka and the cereals "Frosties" from Kellogg.